Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sky Is Falling!

I can’t recall ever being this happy to see water falling from the sky. I had to open my office window and waste the precious AC just to see, hear and smell the rain for myself. I pray this signals the end of the drought that we’ve been experiencing in the land of wood and water. Maybe now the National Water Commission (NWC) will forgo their gestapo-like regulations that threatened to imprison anyone caught watering their lawn or washing their motor vehicle. Can you imagine a thirty day sentence for using metered water that you’ve paid for? The NWC should be this vigilant when it comes to fixing broken water mains, leaky stand-pipes and fire hydrants. That said, I hope much of this rain finds its way to the various water catchment areas that supply the Hermitage Dam which is now below 30 percent of its capacity. I’m sure that this isn’t the first time our island has been affected by severe drought conditions and it won’t be the last. The suits at the NWC need to be more proactive and build more dams, afterall water is life. Both the Mona Reservoir and Hermitage Dam were built by the British prior to our independence and I doubt we’ve built any since we took down the Union Jack back in 1962.

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