Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sex in Recession

Sex sells but not as much as it used to. Not even the Jamaican sex industry is recession-proof, it’s the latest casualty of the current economic crisis. Though far more resilient than other industries it isn’t immune to the economics of supply and demand. Prostitutes and sensual massage parlours have seen a 50% decline in profits and clientele. A sensual massage usually comes in second when it’s up against gas for the car, food for the table or lunch money for the kids. Jamaican sex workers are scrambling to retain customers by offering a 33% reduction in their hourly rates, from J$1,500 to J$1,000. You know it’s bad when you can buy sex for the price of a pizza or a bucket of fried chicken.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adios G-G

Sir Kenneth Hall, Jamaica’s Governor General has retired. I forgot that we even had a G-G and was only reminded when I read the article about him stepping down. No disrespect to Sir Kenneth but is this position still relevant? What’s his role in Jamaica’s political landscape? I liken the G-G to an introverted co-worker who you only see when there’s a fire drill. Seriously, what does the G-G do besides visit hospitals, read the queen’s Christmas message at Christmas time and kiss beauty queens? If you’re a seventies baby like me you’ll remember former G-G, Sir Florizel Glasspole who was a serial kisser of beauty pageant contestants. Does Jamaica really need a local representative for Queen Elizabeth II? I think its full time we make this position redundant.